Niagara Falls City Council Agrees to Kick in More Money Toward Building New Amtrak Station

An additional $380,000 has been kicked in by the Niagara Falls (New York) city council toward the third phase of construction of a new Amtrak station.

The money will be used to pay for an additional security position at the station construction site, LED lighting for the parking lot, indoor seating at the station and newly identified construction needs.

The $43 million project has had $622,250 in total change orders approved by the council since it began.

Mayor Paul A. Dyster said all costs were unanticipated, except the flagger, who will coordinate the passage of trains through the construction site.

He said the cost of the flagger was anticipated through the project’s contingency budget and will cover the position’s salary for the project’s duration.

“We knew of this since we came forward with the new budget,” he said.

However, Dyster said that that personnel cost had been “kicked down the road” since the project’s inception, when New York state intervened after no bid came within the city’s proposed budget.

Council Chairman Andrew Touma said that despite the additional funds approved by the council that the Niagara Falls International Railway Station and Intermodal Transportation Center remains within budget.

Niagara Falls is served by the New York-Toronto Maple Leaf and two Empire Service roundtrips to and from New York City that terminate in Niagara Falls.

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