Finally Finding the CB&Q Lookalike Switcher

Fostoria 038_21744448875_l

I went to the Fostoria trainfest on Saturday and finally got a switcher that I knew of but had not found.  It is a former Illinois Central EMD switcher painted in a Burlington Route inspired paint scheme.

It works the Sunny Farms Landfill a couple miles south of town.  I also discovered that the landfill is expanding with new trackage being built just south of the facility.

The new trackage has yet to be connected to the rest of the facility.  A grade crossing and culvert need to be built.

Many, if not all, of the garbage trains through Cleveland on CSX are destined for this facility. These are a few of the photos I took.

Article and Photographs by Todd Dillon

Fostoria 037_21744448835_l

Fostoria 035_21744448805_l

Fostoria 029_21744448755_l

The current end of track. The one on the left will be extended.

Fostoria 011_21744448745_l

The unloading facility.

The site is expanding.

The site is expanding.

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One Response to “Finally Finding the CB&Q Lookalike Switcher”

  1. Chris Killham Says:

    I was wondering what happened to this loco. For the longest time it sat with another switcher in a lot near my house in Chicago, until one day it disappeared. Glad to see it isn’t scrapped and it’s putting in an honest day’s work.

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