No Changes in New Amtrak System Timetable

Amtrak issued a new timetable on Jan. 11, 2016, and there are no significant changes in schedules for trains serving the Midwest or Northeast Ohio.

The only change was more of a cosmetic one, showing the schedules of the Chicago-Grand Rapids, Michigan, Pere Marquette in the same timetable as the other Michigan trains.

Amtrak TT coverPreviously, the schedules of Nos. 370 and 371 had been listed separately on another page.

The Michigan schedules also show new Thruway service between Detroit and Toronto.

The Thruway bus schedules are timed to connect with Wolverine Service trains 352 eastbound and 353 and 355 westbound.

A Chicago-Detroit Thruway bus schedule that had terminated in Detroit now operates to Toronto and has added an intermediate Michigan stop at Dearborn.

Previously, the Chicago-Detroit Thruway schedule stopped only in Kalamazoo. The new schedule has retained that stop.

The timetable cover features an Acela Express train approaching the BWI Thurgood Marshall Airport Rail Station near Baltimore.

The photo was made by Amtrak employee Matt Donnelly and carries a herald observing the 15th anniversary of Acela Express service.

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