L&N 2132 Arrives at Corbin Museum Site

Louisville & & Nashville No. 2132 is back in Corbin, Kentucky, after traveling by truck from Georgia.

Movement of the 0-8-0 was spearheaded by the Corbin Tourism and Convention Commission, which is working to establish a railroad museum in the the former L&N passenger station in Corbin

The museum is focusing on displaying equipment relevant to eastern Kentucky and the L&N.

The steam locomotive arrived in Corbin on Monday and will join an L&N steel bay-window at the museum.

No. 2132 is one of just three surviving L&N steam locomotives. The fleet once numbered about 1,100 engines. Two other surviving L&N steam locomotives are owned by the Kentucky Railway Museum in New Haven

Built by the L&N in its South Louisville shops, No. 2132 was one of 400 steam engines built there and the only one not be scrapped.

After being sold to a Florida power plant in 1951, No. 2132 later ended up on static display in Bainbridge, Georgia.

The city of Bainbridge agreed to sell No. 2132 to Corbin interests for a nominal fee.

The Corbin museum plans to undertake a cosmetic restoration of No. 2132, which is mostly intact.  To be added to the locomotive are a whistle, bell, headlight, reproduction number and builder’s plates

The 2132 also will receive a boiler jacket, new jackets on its cylinders, and patching and replacement of rusted metal.

The goal of the restoration is to return the 2132 to the appearance that it had when it left the South Louisville shops.

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