Reading 2102 May Run in 2017

Reading Company 4-8-4 No. 2102 will be restored to operating condition by the Reading Blue Mountain & Northern Railroad.

The RBN&N said the tender has been separated from the Northern-type locomotive as a first step toward restoration.

In a news release, the railroad said that crews have removed the front end and work has begun on the cab.

The cab, jacketing, piping, super heater units, tubes and flues will be removed and the locomotive is expected to be disassembled to allow for ultrasonic testing and inspection.

After that, the Federal Railroad Administration Form 4 (1,472-day) inspection will be conducted.

Andrew Muller, Jr., owner and CEO of the RBN&N said the T-1 may be operational by mid-2017.

The restoration is being done at the railroad’s shops in Port Clinton, Pennsylvania.

The RBN&N said it carried 100,000 passengers on its excursion trains in 2015, which is about 30 percent higher than 2014 ridership.

RBM&N owns more than 300 miles of railroad along with operational steam locomotive No. 425, two rail-diesel cars and more than 35 diesel locomotives. It employs more than 200 people.

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One Response to “Reading 2102 May Run in 2017”

  1. Curtis J. Walters Says:

    I was born & raised in the Lehigh Valley and would love to see the 2102 in service again!
    I now live in Texas and will visit the Lehigh Valley in July 2017. Hopefully the 2102 restoration will be finished by then!

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