CAK Still Has Lowest Average Air Fares

Akron-Canton Airport continues to have the lowest average fares of the four largest commercial airports that draw passenger traffic from Northeast Ohio.

Statistics for the second quarter of 2015 – the latest figures available – show that the average roundtrip airfare from Akron-Canton was $322.46.

Akron-Canton AirportThat compared with $371.24 at Cleveland Hopkins International Airport, $391.75 at Pittsburgh International Airport and $409.27 at Port Columbus International Airport, according to the study released by the U.S. Department of Transportation’s Bureau of Transportation Statistics.

When compared with fares for the same quarter of 2014, fares at Akron-Canton were 11 percent lower.

The DOT figures are based on domestic itineraries from each airport.

In the case of Akron-Canton, this occurred before Southwest Airlines ended nonstop service to Denver, Washington, Boston and New York, and before United Airlines began flying to Newark and American Airlines began flying to New York.

All of the four airports that draw passengers from the Northeast Ohio air travel market serve more than 1 million passengers annually.

The addition of service in May 2015 by Allegiant Air has helped to keep fares at Akron-Canton lower than airports in Columbus, Pittsburgh and Cleveland.

Allegiant is a vacation travel service known for occupying the ultra low-fare niche of the airline industry.

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