Train-Vehicle Crossing Collisions Declined in 2015, but Trespasser Fatalities Increased

Although train-vehicle collisions and deaths dropped in 2015, Operation Lifesaver said this week that the number of trespassers killed on railroad property rose during the year.

Federal Railroad Administration data show that crossing collisions in the United States fell by 7.6 percent to 2,059. Fatalities in crossing collisions also fell by the same percentage to 244 compared with 264 in 2014.

Operation Lifesaver 2Fatalities involving trespassers increased by 7.6 percent to 512 while crossing-related injuries jumped 12.3 percent to 967.

“We are encouraged by the drop in highway-rail grade crossing collisions and deaths, and will continue to work closely with FRA’s grade crossing task force and our railroad and community safety partners,” said OLI President and CEO Bonnie Murphy. “However, the increase in trespasser deaths shows there is more work to be done educating Americans about the crucial need to stay off train tracks.”

Texas, Illinois, California, Indiana and Georgia had the most crossing collisions while the most trespasser casualties (deaths and injuries combined occurred in California, Texas, Florida, New York and Illinois.

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