Thanks, Jerry, For All That You’ve Done



Dear Jerry Jacobson,

Whether it was excursions, steam locomotives or diesel-powered freights, you were there for us then, are there for us now, and, hopefully, you will continue being a railfan friend through all the changes that have been going on and are still going on.

Here are two of my favorite images of Ohio Central past.

In the top image OHCR 13 is towing an Alco switcher toward one of the plants north of Sugarcreek on July 4, 1996.

In a few moments OHCR 13 will uncouple from the switcher, couple onto freight cars, and back them up to the switcher.

For one brief moment in time, OHCR 13 was perhaps the only steam locomotive used in freight service in North America on that day.

Here she is passing a billboard advertising your excursions from Sugarcreek. What good memories this image brings back.

In the bottom image, when you owned the OHCR, it often interchanged with CSX at Warwick. Here is a morning freight with OHCR 7574 and 5407 preparing to leave Warwick and head south on June 25, 1996.

Thank you again. May your present and future endeavors also bring you the thanks that we so owe you for all you have done.

Article and Photographs by Robert Farkas

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