Tied Down on Easter Eve

WE in Bellevue

It was late in the afternoon on the Saturday before Easter. I had spent the day in Bellevue and Bucyrus, starting in the former, moving to the latter around noon and then finishing in Bellevue.

I heard the Wheeling & Lake Erie detector go off and shortly thereafter someone keyed up the remote control switches at Yeomans.

The Wheeling crew called the Bellevue dispatcher on the yard channel and asked for permission to come into town on the Lake Shore connection where they planned to tie down their train. Sure, come on in, the dispatcher said.

Getting into town wasn’t the issue for the crew, it was leaving that posed a minor problem.

The company the W&LE uses to ferry crew members had a driver who was unfamiliar with Bellevue and she couldn’t find the train.

Apparently she had either called or found a Norfolk Southern office. I learned that when the W&LE dispatcher called the Wheeling train to ask if they had been picked up yet.

No, they had not. The dispatcher asked if they had contacted the NS about getting a ride. The crew assured the dispatcher they had not.

In time, the cab driver for the Wheeling came onto the W&LE road channel and asked the crew where they were.

They had to give her directions, but she eventually found them in the usual spot where Wheeling crews stop their trains on the Lake Shore connection.

I left Bellevue not long after the Wheeling crew did, stopping on the way out to get this photo. I don’t know if a crew came on duty later to take this train to Toledo or whether it spent Easter Sunday sitting here.

Railroads operate 24/7/365, but on some holidays some moves aren’t that important. Perhaps this was one of them.

Article and Photographs by Craig Sanders 


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