Cass Season to Begin 3 Weeks Early

Cass Scenic Railroad trains to Whittaker and Bald Knob featuring Shay steam locomotives will begin this weekend.

The schedule will offer two trips to Whittaker and one to Bald Knob on each Saturday and Sunday in May along with Monday trips during the Memorial Day Weekend.

Cass ScenicThe first fire in the firebox of the season was lighted on April 19 in Shay No. 5, which will join running mates Nos. 2, 4 and 6 in pulling trains this year.

Nos. 6 over the winter underwent a 1,472-day overhaul and was recently taken to Durbin, West Virginia, where it will pull the Durbin Rocket of the Durbin & Greenbrier during the 2016 season.

Moore & Keppel Climax No. 3, which had been the motive power for the Durbin Rocket is now at Cass being rebuilt. It is expected to return to service by late this year.

Cass Shay No. 2 is expected to return to service this spring after having been out of service for several years.

The opening of the Cass excursion season is three weeks ahead of what it has been in previous years.

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