Catching the Erie H Unit, Again

Erie April 30-x

There was a time when I was frustrated at my inability to catch the Erie heritage locomotive of Norfolk Southern.

When it was coming through Cleveland I was unable to get out to the tracks with my camera. I remember sitting at the Akron Railroad Club table at the Berea train show and seeing an HO model of the Erie heritage unit leading a train around a layout across the aisle. It was my first time “seeing” NS 1068.

I finally photographed the real thing, although it was the trailing the first time that I saw it in person. Then I got it leading a train into Bellevue last August, in an image was that all right, but not great.

Within the past month, the Erie heritage locomotive has been a regular visitor through Northeast Ohio on the 22K eastbound and the 23K westbound.

Sometimes it leads and sometimes it trails. If it goes east to Massachusetts leading, it will return leading.

But then it will go east and west in the trailing position, only to reverse course the next time through.

On a recent Saturday it was the leading east turn. I thought about going somewhere east of Cleveland to get it but for various reasons I wound up in Olmsted Falls instead.

It seems appropriate that trailing the two-tone green Erie tribute locomotive was a cut of green containers.

I could get used to a regular rotation featuring this heritage locomotive. You just don’t know how your luck might turn and something that seemed out of reach for so long suddenly become attainable.

Article and Photograph by Craig Sanders

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