Taking the Farkas Challenge: Roger’s Pick


Roger Durfee has decided on a “winner” for his entry in the Farkas Challenge.

As for the image of Norfolk Southern’s Lackawanna heritage locomotive pulling a CSX train past the site of the former Erie Lackawanna yard in downtown Akron, he said, “It comes close.” I’ll let Roger explain the choice that he made.

“You are correct about one thing, though. Picking just one is a near impossible task. Where do I even start?

“The last years of the EL and Penn Central? The Conrail and CSX merger years? Local interest like the Cuyahoga Valley Scenic Railroad? There’s just too much!

I even thought about one of those train and blimp ones. I finally settled on the one photo I used to compare the [NS] 1074 one with.

“It includes the EL and shows all the tracks still in and used. Downtown Akron is the backdrop. To me it shows the last days of Akron as the railroad town I first discovered. Within a few short years the entire scene would drastically change.”

Photograph by Roger Durfee

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One Response to “Taking the Farkas Challenge: Roger’s Pick”

  1. Bob Says:

    Beautiful image. If a person looks carefully at the engine house, ERIE 520 is partly visible. Oh, the memories… This really does capture Akron as I also remember it.

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