In the July eBulletin

July 2016

July is picnic month for the Akron Railroad Club and on Sunday, July 24, we will return to Warwick Park in Clinton for a day of hamburgers, hot dogs and CSX trains on the adjacent New Castle Subdivision.

The cover story of the July issue of the ARRC eBulletin gives an overview of the history of railroad operations in Warwick, which was once a busy railroad junction town tucked away in the southwest corner of Summit County.

Two of the railroad lines that use to serve Warwick aren’t there anymore, including the former Pennsylvania Railroad route between Hudson and Columbus via Akron.

You’ll also learn how the village of Warwick came to be included as part of the nearby but separate town of Clinton. At one time, both towns had their own railroad stations.

A sidebar looks at the history of the ARRC picnic at Warwick Park.

The July eBulletin also has coverage of the ARRC longest day outing in Marion last month and the latest railroad industry news.

To receive a copy of the July eBulletin or to subscribe, send an email to Its free and you need not be an ARRC member.


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