July ARRC Meeting to Feature Silent Auction of the Book Collection of the Late William Surdyk

The July 29 Akron Railroad meeting will feature a silent auction of the book collection of the late William J. Surdyk.

There will be 232 books available upon which club members and guests can place bids.

ARRC logo 2The bidding will begin at 7 p.m. and continue until the business meeting begins at 8 p.m. when the bidding will recess for the meeting and program. Bidding will resume at the conclusion of the program, which is being presented by Todd Vander Sluis.

A time limit will be set at that point for the bidding to end and winning bidders to be cashed out.

Terms are cash or check. No credit cards are accepted. Bids must be placed in even dollars and the minimum bid of most books will be $1.

Those books that have considerable value in the collector’s market will have higher minimum bids. Those minimum bids will be shown on the bidding sheet for that book.

Come early and bring some extra cash to the July ARRC meeting because you just might find something that you can’t go home without.


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