The Evolution of Service on an Ex-Erie Line

EL 1234 at Radburn 1975

EL Switcher At Radburn 1975

EL Switcher At Radburn 1975

Conrail 5977 at Radburn 1977

Conrail 6152 at Radburn 1977

NJT 4014 at Radburn 2015

NS 5612 at Radburn 2015

With your current theme of then and now, I thought you might like to see action through Fair Lawn, New Jersey, over the years.

All pictures are at Radburn Station and were made between 1975 and 2015. The first three images are from 1975, the next two are from 1977 and the final two are from 2015.

Times have changed here, too. The local freight that serves the Fair Lawn Industrial Park no longer serves Kodak, of which no trace remains.

The only customer still served by rail in the industrial park is Nabisco. At the other end of town is Zerega and Sons pasta factory.

These two industries are the only freight customers left in Fair Lawn.

The tracks, the former Erie Railroad/Erie Lackawanna Bergen County Line, are now owned by New Jersey Transit and freight service is provided by Norfolk Southern.

Article and Photographs by Jack Norris

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One Response to “The Evolution of Service on an Ex-Erie Line”

  1. Bob Says:

    Thanks for posting these. This is a good example of how railroading changes over the years.

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