Generations Apart

EL generations 2

EL generations 1

Here is some Erie Lackawanna heritage that is generations apart. The top photo of the Lackawanna heritage unit of Norfolk Southern was made in July 2016 at Macedonia while the bottom photo is from April 1976 in Akron. As luck would have it, both are leading two black painted units and both are EMDs. All the units in the 1976 photo are gone as are the ex EL tracks they are on.

Photographs by Roger Durfee

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One Response to “Generations Apart”

  1. J. Yaros Says:

    To both Roger (Durfee) and Richard (Farkas): Thank you for
    your excellent photographs. My time in Akron was filled with
    classes, homework & time at Bierce Library! I never thought
    I would miss the railroading & the EL around Akron as much
    as I do. I was lucky enough to witness the end of the EL &
    see a few of the big GE’s & EMD’s go by, not to mention JO
    tower & McCoy yard. It was worth it to dodge traffic on
    Buchtel Ave. to sit by the old Union station & watch the trains
    go by, while trying not to let my GPA suffer! Thanks again
    to you & the akronrrclub & website.

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