Marty Said it was All Right

PRR cabin car-x

I was stunned. I was standing next to Marty Surdyk in Olmsted Falls one Sunday evening when he raised his Nikon camera and photographed the Pennsylvania Railroad cabin car on display by the former Lake Shore & Michigan Southern depot.

Considering that Marty is still shooting slide film and it costs him about $1 per slide when you factor in the cost of processing and film, I was surprised that he would photograph that PRR relic.

Sure, there was nice late day light on the cabin car, but it also has in large letters the name of the railroad that Marty love to hate. In fact, he can’t bring himself to say the name of the railroad, often instead using the short hand “P company.”

If Marty had his way, this car would either be painted in Penn Central or Conrail markings or it would be removed from the property.

Nonetheless, if  Marty can photograph that PRR cabin car so could I and it didn’t cost me anything but megapixels.

I guess it was all right because the cabin car is displayed next to a former depot and tracks of the New York Central.

Still, I would be surprised if the slide that Marty made ever shows up in a program that he gives to the Akron Railroad Club.

Article and Photograph by Craig Sanders

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One Response to “Marty Said it was All Right”

  1. James L.Leasure Says:

    Poor Marty,
    My father didn’t like Pennsylvania. His father was a engineer on the New York Central.I just got my laugh for the day. Thanks Craig! .

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