Pa. Updates 12-Year Transportation Plan

A 12-year transportation program adopted by the State Transportation Commission of Pennsylvania calls for spending nearly $62 billion to make improvements to roads, bridges, transit systems, airports and railroads.

PennDotThe Pennsylvania Department of Transportation said the spending in the plan is slightly less than the $63.3 billion outlined in the plan’s previous update in 2014.

“Through ongoing efficiencies at PennDOT, we continue to stretch taxpayers’ dollars to reach as many transportation needs as possible,” said PennDOT Secretary Leslie Richards. “This update reflects the progress we are making, chipping away at our large backlog of pavement and bridge needs while adding some capacity expansion to address long-standing desires for better mobility.”

The plan calls for spending $8.6 billion for public transit, $305 million for multimodal and $229 million for freight-rail projects.

Among the projects identified by the plan is replacement of the Interstate 84 bridges over the Lackawanna County Railroad and Roaring Brook in Lackawanna County, which will cost $143 million.

Under Pennsylvania law, the 12-year program must be updated every two years and no capital project can advanced unless it is part of the plan.

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