This View Will Always Be Here, Right?

MI _NKN0376 Resize

I suppose, in retrospect, we should have checked the road construction in Toledo before driving two hours for a photo outing.

But fellow Akron Railroad Club member Peter Bowler and I never thought we had reason to think that the photo location we planned to visit wouldn’t be there.

Miami Street on the east side of Toledo passes over the Chicago Line of Norfolk Southern just east of the street bridge over the railroad’s bridge over the Maumee River.

The plan was to get there by mid to late morning, shoot an eastbound or two and then head east on the Chicago Line in search of other locations.

We had no trouble finding Miami Street, but we had no sooner turned on it when we saw “road closed” signs.

The detour began a couple blocks before the bridge, so we found a place to park and walked down the adjacent sidewalk.

The bridge was gone and construction workers were in the process of building a new one.

We presume that as is the case these days that the new bridge will come with fences that hinder photography.

I’ve only been to Miami Street once. Once the new bridge is open, there is nothing to say I can’t go back there. But  the open view that existed for decades probably will be gone.

This image of an eastbound NS train was made in April 2007 and is now a reminder of what we were unable to get.

Article by Craig Sanders, Photograph by Peter Bowler


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