Another View of CNJ Terminal




Other than the train signs by the platforms and a few photographs there are really no railroad displays in the former Central Railroad of New Jersey terminal in Jersey City, New Jersey, that was once the New York terminus of Baltimore & Ohio passenger trains that served Akron.

The focus of the museum is how immigrants came through Ellis Island and then used the CNJ and other waterfront railroads to spread throughout the new land.

I had taken some items from my collection to “visit back home,” namely a 1932 CNJ timetable, a 1933, a CNJ coach key and a CNJ switch key.

The staff at the museum enjoyed seeing the railroad items I brought. They really have nothing of their own.

I am glad the building is safe and preserved, but more could be done to inform visitors of its railroad heritage.

The three pictures that I’ve attached here are my items enjoying their visit. I have also included a shot of the parking lot.
That area was filled by 100 miles (yes 100 actual miles) of yard tracks and engine facilities. You would never know it and if you miss a small sign in the concourse (which is about 1/4 mile from the parking lot) you will never know it.

The CNJ was the largest NY waterfront terminal out of all the railroads.

Article and Photographs by Jack Norris


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