Getting Up Early to Chase NKP 767 Ferry Move


On Sunday morning I chased the inbound ferry move of Nickel Plate Road No. 767/765 to Akron. I first set up at Peninsula where the sun was just hitting the treetops and filtering through in a couple places.

It was a bit on the chilly side, about 55 degrees, but that is good for producing steam. When 767 did come through it was belching steam and smoke as if it was hauling a hundred cars of a manifest freight.

One photo of the sequence is my favorite of the entire two weeks of steam in the valley 2016 as the sun hit the locomotive just right.

After that I chased it all the way to Akron getting, some grab shots along the way. Most weren’t very good but one at the farmers field across from Salzays market did turn out well.

I caught it a few more times but the spots weren’t very good for photos so I tried the video function on my camera instead.

Article and Photographs by Todd Dillon




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One Response to “Getting Up Early to Chase NKP 767 Ferry Move”

  1. Bob Says:

    Great images. Your first image captures the power and beauty of steam in a dramatic way.

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