Cosmetic Restoration Completed on PRR Steam Locomotive by Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania

The completion of the cosmetic restoration of Pennsylvania Railroad E6s Atlantic steam locomotive No. 460 will be observed on Nov. 5 at the Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania.

The restoration work took six years to complete. Plans are to display No. 460 in the museum’s rolling stock hall.

PRREventually, No. 460 is expected to become the centerpiece among five other Pennsylvania Railroad steam locomotives in a roundhouse that has yet to be built.

The restoration was funded, in part, by a donation of $370,000 that was raised by an allied group, the Friends of the Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania, which contributed $370,000.

More than $120,000 came from the museum’s general fund while more than $250,000 came from individuals, groups and corporate donors.

No. 460 was built in 1914 at the PRR’s Juniata Shops in Altoona, Pennsylvania, and is the last survivor of the fleet of 83 Pennsylvania E6 Atlantic-type locomotives.

Those locomotives were lightweight, yet powerful, and pulled such passenger trains as the Chicago-New York Broadway Limited.

The last E6 was retired in 1955. No. 460 is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Museum officials said restoration of the 460 required about 29,000 hours.

The engine has been restored to its 1950s appearance. This included the repair, or replacement of, pipe lagging, boiler jacket, back head jacket, drive rods, bearings and drive boxes.

Other work included the replacement of wood doors, windows, cab liner, cab flooring and cab seats.

The exterior front and rear headlights and marker lights were rewired. Workers applied primer and two coats of finish paint. The cab and tender were re-lettered.

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