NY Tourist RR Shutting Down a Line


Nothing is more painful than saying goodbye to a tourist railroad, especially one that has been successful for 33 years.

The Catskill Mountain Railroad operates two separate segments of the New York Central’s  Catskill Mountain Branch through beautiful rural New York State.

The segment that runs between Cold Brook, Mount Tremper and Phoenicia has reached the end of the line.

The railroad has endured much hardship through its existence from storms thrown at it by Mother Nature to a three-year legal battle with Ulster County, which owns the tracks.

Without going into a long-winded history about the legal battle, the railroad has lost its lease over the segment and will be shutting down this weekend.

After 150 years of trains through the Catskills, the time has finally run out. I had to take one last rides behind an ex-Long Island Railroad/ex-Staten Island Railroad S-1.

There is nothing better than a open car behind an Alco through the mountains in the fall.

The 1880s U&D station at Phoenicia houses the Empire State Railway Museum, which will remain.

It is off the beaten path, so without the train in the area there is no telling what will happen to the museum.

The other part of the CMRR will continue to operate out of Kingston, New York. Goodbye old friend. Thank you for 33 years of happiness.

 Article and Photographs by Jack Norris





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