The Disappearing Cuyahoga River in Kent



I mentioned in  a post earlier this year that the trees growing along the bank of the Cuyahoga River in downtown Kent are obscuring the river.

When I went to Kent on a recent Saturday morning I was presented with graphic evidence of how much that is the case.

In the top photograph, the river is somewhat visible in an image made with a telephoto lens.

But it won’t be long before those trees growing between the CSX tracks and the river are tall enough to block the view of the river entirely.

The bottom photograph was made with a wide-angle focal length. The river is only partially visible toward the lower left-hand corner of the frame. Yet the dense foliage makes the water almost an afterthought that you need to search to find it.

There remains open views of the river and the decorative dam if you stand along the fence above the tracks south of the Main Street bridge. But the view of the river from the bridge is going, going almost gone.

The train, by the way, is a westbound manifest freight. I think it was the Q353. The detector at Munroe Falls said it had more than 500 axles.

Article and Photographs by Craig Sanders

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