Then and Now at Akron Junction


Akron Junction is an area in the eastern part of Akron that describes where the Baltimore & Ohio; Pennsylvania; Erie; and Akron, Canton & Youngstown railroads all came together.

The name notwithstanding, none of the railroads crossed at grade.

The B&O had two lines that intersected at Akron Junction with its Chicago-Pittsburgh line crossing over the top of the Valley Line between Cleveland and Mineral City, Ohio.

The lines were connected by a connecting track that left the Valley Line beneath the Chicago mainline bridge and snaked around to connect with the Chicago Line at BD.

The area along this connecting track also included a roundhouse, various yard tracks and a wye.

Within the past year or so CSX has removed nearly all of the connecting and yard tracks here.

On a recent Sunday, Akron Railroad Club member Roger Durfee paid a visit to this area and created a now and then image. The top image was made in July 1985.

Photographs by Roger Durfee

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3 Responses to “Then and Now at Akron Junction”

  1. Bob Says:

    Since I have not been to Akron Junction in a long time, I’d have taken a long time recognizing it from the second photo. Great photos but HOW SAD!!!

  2. Paul Woodring Says:

    Akron Jct. had an engine house, but it was never a “round house”.

  3. Kevin M Holtz Says:

    Here’s film my Dad shot of the Akron Junction back in the late 50s. A railfan trip on the B&O.

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