Pennsylvania’s Elizabeth College Launches Trial Program to Promote Amtrak Travel With Students

A Pennsylvania College has begun a pilot program to entice its students to travel on Amtrak.

PennsylvaniaElizabethtown College created a partnership with to market travel on the New York-Philadelphia Keystone Service trains and the New York-Pittsburgh Pennsylvanian.

The marketing is being done by Sacunas Integrated Communications.

Elizabethtown is the first college to participate in the pilot program and Sacunas is watching it to determine if PaTripsbyTrain could be expanded to other colleges.

PaTripsbyTrain offers a ticket discount to students, called a companion fair, in which students purchase one round-trip ticket and receive a 40 percent discount on the second ticket.

“We tried to package it so it’s really beneficial to your money,” Senior Project Manager for Sacunas Jamie Judy said.

Officials said the program will publicize Amtrak trains as a travel option.

“When you’re in Central Pennsylvania the Amtrak isn’t first on your mind,” Judy said.

School officials also are hoping that the program will encourage students at the rural college to explore more urbanized areas.

“The emphasis is on taking adventures and exploring the world around us,” said Director of Community Relations and College Events at the College Caroline Lalvani.

“The program highlights many of the wonderful attractions we have in this area and gives students an opportunity to travel to more urban areas while enjoying their time at Elizabethtown College.”

PaTripsbyTrain highlights culinary experiences, sightseeing and tours, sports and festivals, family adventures and music and nightlife in cities served by Amtrak trains in Pennsylvania.


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One Response to “Pennsylvania’s Elizabeth College Launches Trial Program to Promote Amtrak Travel With Students”

  1. pajrr Says:

    A deal with a college, and they call it a “fair” rather than a “fare”.

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