Look, It’s a Caboose!


Cabooses were once ubiquitous on freight trains in America. But railroads did away with them as a cost saving measure.

It is still possible to see a caboose today, particularly on a local where a caboose is now known as a shoving platform.

But it is rare, although not unheard of, to see a caboose on the rear of an intercity freight.

You have to be ready to respond quickly if you want to get a photograph.

Shown is a caboose owned by Kasgro Rail Corporation of New Castle, Pennsylvania. The company’s website says that it provides heavy-duty rail cars. These include flat deck and depressed deck cars.

Kasgro’s website shows that it owns four cabooses, but 072, which is shown here on an eastbound CSX manifest freight passing through Berea, is not one of them. It might be new to the fleet or has been sold to another entity.

Whatever the case the car is being ferried to its next assignment.

Photograph by Craig Sanders

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