An Early Foray Into Digital Photography


Do you remember your first digital camera? I inherited my Dad’s 3MP Kodak when he passed away in April 2004. I had bought it for him for Christmas 2003 not knowing he had so little time left.

Warwick has really changed since 2004 as can be seen here. Norfolk Southern 8410 leads a two-unit lash up eastbound through Warwick on April 23, 2004.

This was one of my very first digital photos. Since the Kodak didn’t have manual controls, I upgraded to a 4MP Olympus. I felt I was at the head of the digital revolution!

Article and photograph by Robert Farkas

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2 Responses to “An Early Foray Into Digital Photography”

  1. Bill McCarter Says:

    I would be interested to know where your railroad club is in Akron, Ohio. We have recently moved to Akron and I would enjoy participating in a club. Thank you.

    • csanders429 Says:

      The Akron Railroad club meets on the fourth Friday of the month at New Horizons Christian Church on Darrow Road. The church is located a few blocks just north of Interstate 76. Our next meeting will be on Jan. 27,2017, at 8 p.m. Visitors are always welcome. Watch this blog for a posting about five days before the meeting.

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