Remembering Broadway Limited, X2000

ARRC blog contributor Jack Norris wrote the following after reading in the November 2016 eBulletin the feature about the day that Amtrak came to Akron in 1990.

I liked the latest newsletter that I received today. My favorite Amtrak ride to Chicago was the Broadway Limited. I was heartbroken when it ended Sept. 9-10, 1995.

Now, if I do travel to Chicago I go to Washington, D.C., and pick up the Capitol Limited.

Here is my shot of the last westbound Broadway Limited, taken at Metropark Station in Iselin, New Jersey. I believe the Pennsylvania Railroad’s Broadway Limited tail car Mountain View was supposed to be on the back, but a failed inspection sidelined it.

Your picture in the same issue of the X2000 also brought back memories. I rode the train twice when it was in regular service. It was a comfortable train, but I like the way the Acela turned out better.

Photographs by Jack Norris




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2 Responses to “Remembering Broadway Limited, X2000”

  1. Paul Woodring Says:

    I know a couple of ex-Pennsy cars were added to the back of the last Broadway at Philly, probably Bennett Levin’s cars, with, I’m fairly certain, obs car “120” carrying the markers.

    • csanders429 Says:

      Yes, No. 120 was on the last eastbound trip of the Broadway Limited. It went west on the penultimate westbound run and came out that evening on No. 40.

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