Ohio Turnpike Set Usage Record in 2016

The Ohio Turnpike hosted a record number of 54.9 million vehicles in 2016, which broke the previous record of 53.4 million set in 2015.

Ohio turnpikeThe turnpike said that during 2016 it recorded the second-most number of vehicle miles traveled in its history at 3.037 billion, which was 2.6 million less than the record set in 2006.

Turnpike officials attributed the increase in travel to an improving economy, relatively low gas prices and mild weather.

During 2016 the turnpike said it posted a 2.2 percent gain in the percentage of vehicles that used E-ZPass®.

In 2016, 57.1 percent of all vehicles used E-ZPass, saving an average of 33 percent on tolls compared to cash-paying customers. Tolls for E-ZPass customers are less than for most cash-paying vehicles.

During 2016 the turnpike saw an 8.8 percent gain in the number of passenger cars using E-ZPass and a 3.1 percent rise in the number of commercial vehicles using it.

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