Railroading as it Once Was: Black & White Image for a Black & White Railroad


Penn Central locomotives were not known for their flashy livery. They had a minimalist black and white appearance with the PC herald affixed to the nose and the flanks.

Yet many photographers would love to be able to go back in time to see Penn Central again, if for one day.

We can’t do that, but we do have multiple images from the Penn Central era to remind us of another time.

PC F7A No. 1865 leads a train through Akron over tracks that have received minimal maintenance in recent years. The unit was built in October 1952 for the New York Central.

Photograph by Roger Durfee

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2 Responses to “Railroading as it Once Was: Black & White Image for a Black & White Railroad”

  1. Bob Says:

    Black and white!
    This is the first photo I have seen from that angle. What history it shows!

  2. Benjamin Maggi Says:

    I love the look of the jointed rail bending and twisting every 40 feet. Something that is nearly impossible to accurately model.

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