Forlorn and Forgotten in Crestline


This photograph of the Amtrak shelter in Crestline is old, very old. It was made in September 1998 and by then Amtrak had been gone from Crestline for nearly eight years.

There are some members of the Akron Railroad Club who might remember traveling to Crestline in the dead of night to catch a train.

In Amtrak’s early years, the only service in Northeast Ohio was the Chicago-New York/Washington Broadway Limited, which also stopped in Ohio at Canton and Lima.

Crestline was a crew change point, which might be why it was chosen as the passenger stop for Nos. 40/41 rather than the much larger city of Mansfield a few miles to the east.

I haven’t been back to Crestline for many years, so I can’t say for sure if the Amshack is still there.

I rather doubt it. Crest Tower has been razed and during a track realignment project conducted since the Conrail split, the Crestline Amshack may have been removed.

There is little likelihood that Amtrak will ever use the Fort Wayne Line again through this region of Ohio.

Article and Photograph by Craig Sanders

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One Response to “Forlorn and Forgotten in Crestline”

  1. Bob Says:

    Its gone.

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