Bellevue Residents Sue NS Over Noise

Two Bellevue residents think Norfolk Southern is making too much noise and they’ve gone to court to try to stop it.

They filed a class-action lawsuit against NS on March 16 seeking to stop what the suit described as a piercing noise created by the hump at the Moorman Yard.

The plaintiffs in the lawsuit live near the yard and cited what they termed an “unbearable” noise from the hump retarders at all hours of the day.

The suit said that NS failed to include any noise abatement procedures when it expanded the yard two years ago.

The suit, which seeks unspecified damages, said Federal Railroad Administration regulations limited noise from retarders to 83 decibels.

The noise from the retarders in the NS yard is said in the suit to exceed 100 decibels.

“Residents are unable to hold conversations, open windows or hear their televisions,” the lawsuit stated. “This has resulted in a nuisance, which has, in turn, decreased property values as well as in stress, adverse health impacts and loss of the enjoyment of life. None of this is necessary because Norfolk Southern has available to it sound-dampening (sic) options at a fraction of the cost of its investment.”

The plaintiffs in the case are being represented by the law firm of Murray & Murray. NS declined to comment on the suit.


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