Colorful Railroad Stock Certificates


I don’t own any railroad company stock so I don’t know if railroads still issue stock certificates.

Given how corporate America has embraced the religion of cost cutting and is trying to eradicate paper I would not be surprised if stock certificates have fallen by the wayside.

If they still exist, the shareholder probably has to print them. But maybe not.

If stock certificates still exist, I wonder if those certificates are as elaborate as what railroads issued in the past.

Shown are two certificates from the collection of Akron Railroad Club member Jack Norris.

The top certificate shows stock in the Big Four. Note that the issue date was well after the Big Four had long ceased to operate under that moniker. But many railroads lived on paper long after their “brand” had been replaced by another company.

The bottom stock certificate of the New York Central features an image of the commodore himself, Cornelius Vanderbilt.


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