Circus Trains Being Broken Up

With the show no longer going on, the Ringling Bros and Barnum & Bailey Circus red unit train has made its final trip.

CSX handled a special move to get the unit’s circus train equipment back to Florida from the Northeast.

Some of the equipment is being sold to private owners and museums.

The special move included four passenger cars and 19 flatcars of circus wagons, vehicles, and other supplies.

The circus train is owned by Feld Entertainment, which said earlier this year that is was closing the circus due to declining attendance and revenue.

A report by Trains magazine said that about 30 passenger cars were dropped off in Oak Island, New Jersey. They will be moved from there to their new owners.

That equipment was sold at an auction last month. Trains reported that flat cars and unclaimed equipment moved to Florida would probably be scrapped.

In the meantime, the final series of shows are being conducted on Long Island and its circus train remains intact.

The last shows are set for May 21. The Blue unit train will be disposed of in a manner similar to that of the red unit train.

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One Response to “Circus Trains Being Broken Up”

  1. 1msshelly Says:

    very sad day when a circus like that has to close. Where are the specialists going to find a new job. Is there a lot of jobs for trapeze artists?

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