CSX ‘Wall’ Blocks Circus Train View

Last Wednesday (May 10) was the anniversary of the golden spike at Promontory Point, Utah. The Ringling Bros and Barnum & Bailey Circus Red unit was passing through New Jersey for the last time.

It traveled over the old New York Central West Shore line, now the CSX River Line. I had a schedule for the train.

There was blue sky and sunshine. The train was heading south, perfectly lighted.

There were about a dozen of us at the old NYC Ridgefield Park, New Jersey, station.

The station is privately owned and the owner happens to like railfans and lets us hang out there 24/7 if we want as long as we respect the property and don’t trash it.

A special train, a safe place to watch it, blue sky and perfect angle. What could possibly go wrong?

Two minutes before the RB train hit the station area, CSX sent a northbound auto rack train, the only type of train that can’t be seen over, through or around.

As a result, the dozen of us — including a couple who had been there since 4 a.m. — didn’t get to see the head end or the first half of the train at all.

I did get part of the train and actually I am pleased with what I got. Since the train was special rather that the locomotives, I did get to witness its passing – in more ways than one – which was what I wanted to see.

Now, ask me how many times do trains pass each other in this particular spot? You already know the answer to that I’m sure.

As I said in the beginning, great area, sun, special train. What could possibly go wrong?

Article and Photographs by Jack Norris



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