2 More CSX Humps Set to Close

Add Selkirk and Cumberland to the list of humps that CSX plans to close.

An online report said the Cumberland hump will close on May 16. Five of the bowl tracks will be kept, but the other tracks will be out of service or used for storage.

The changes will mean that only Q372, Q398 and Q401 will originate in Cumberland. Terminating in Cumberland will be Q236, Q352 and Q400.

Other trains will make pickups or setoffs, including Q236, Q353, Q375, Q389 and Q416. Some trains will merely change crews in Cumberland.

The Times Union of Albany, New York, reported that members of the Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers and Trainmen received a memo about the hump closing at Selkirk, New York.

The memo said that CSX management believes the yard costs too much to operate and some of its work will be shifted to other yards, including Syracuse, New York.

The news report did not indicate how many employees would lose their jobs but Mark Krajewski, chairman of the union local, called the move “heartbreaking.”

CSX has been closing humps at yards in the wake of E. Hunter Harrison taking over as the railroad’s CEO and implementing his precision scheduled railroad operating philosophy.

The railroad earlier said it would close humps in Atlanta; Louisville, Kentucky; and Toledo, Ohio. CSX officials have yet to confirm the closure of the Selkirk hump.

The Times-Union said Selkirk yard was the largest in the New York Central system.

Harrison views hump yards as inefficient and closed at least four of them during his time as CEO of Canadian Pacific.


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One Response to “2 More CSX Humps Set to Close”

  1. Jb Says:

    “Selkirk largest yard on New York central system”, incorrect. Not until Penn Central took over did selkirk become #1 in NE..

    Largest in New York Central was Dewitt…

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