Ontario to Begin Design Work for High-Speed Rail Passenger Line between Toronto, Windsor

Preliminary design work is expected to begin within a year on a high-speed rail line between Toronto and Windsor, Ontario.

Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne said that the province will issue a request for bids for the design needed for an environmental assessment.

Wynee said the province will pay C$15 million for the assessment. A new governing body will be established to oversee the design and implementation of a high-speed rail system.

If built, the line could open as soon as 2015 and serve Windsor, Chatham, London, Kitchener-Waterloo, Guelph and Toronto, with a connection to Pearson International Airport.

Top speed would be 158 mph with trains using some existing track was well as a new dedicated right of way.

Currently, VIA Rail Canada trains make the trip in four hours. That would be cut to two hours once the line is operational. Windsor is opposite of Detroit

Ontario recently sponsored a high-speed rail feasibility report that concluded that a business case can be made for high-speed rail in the Toronto-Windsor corridor, as well as opportunities for the private sector to finance and deliver the project.


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