Chasing N&W 611 Out of Roanoke

Last weekend I went to Roanoke, Virginia, to chase the Norfolk & Western J class 611 trips. I had hoped to get some of the last remaining N&W signals but the last one was replaced just a week before these trips. Well it’s still a steam engine and there’s many great photo opportunities in this area. I’ve shared a few of them here.

This includes showing the 611 leaving Roanoke and passing the freight car shops; climbing Christianburg grade at Shawsville, Virginia; and passing the coal dock at Vicker, Virginia.

Article and Photographs by Todd Dillon

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3 Responses to “Chasing N&W 611 Out of Roanoke”

  1. James L.Leasure Says:

    Had a great time photographing the 611 last weekend missed
    you Todd!

  2. cheryl hayes Says:

    are any of these photos for sale

    • csanders429 Says:

      They are not for sale on this site. The individual photographer may or may not be willing to sell copies.

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