CSX Touts Responsibility Gains in 2016

CSX cited volunteer work by its employees, training first responders, and fuel efficiency initiatives as among its achievements in 2016.

The railroad talked about those in its seventh annual corporate social responsibility report, titled Moving Forward, which described its performance in environmental, social and governance areas.

In a news release, CSX said that its business practices sought to create customer value and increase shareholder returns while at the same time improving the environment and enhancing the communities the Class 1 railroad serves.

One example cited in the report was providing training and resources to 7,000 first responders and working with Operation Lifesaver to distribute rail safety messages to 725,000 people.

Between 2007 and 2016, CSX said it spent $2.8 billion on fuel efficiency measures which paid off last year when it was able to move a ton of freight an average of 474 miles on a single gallon of fuel.

As for volunteer work and community development, CSX said it spent $16 million in grants, sponsorships and in-kind donations to local organizations and national partners that share CSX’s values concerning safety, community, environment and wellness.

CSX employees gave 18,025 hours of volunteer service through the railroad’s Dollars for Doers program that was matched by CSX with $85,770 in grants to 155 employee-selected organizations.

“With increasing consumer demand, the need for freight rail as a safe, reliable and sustainable transportation solution is ever more pressing,” said President and CEO E. Hunter Harrison. “By leveraging our sustainability initiatives and implementing the Precision Scheduled Railroading model at CSX, we will continue to build upon the foundation for success.”

CSX said that it compiled Moving Forward in accordance with Global Reporting Initiative standards.


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