RJ Corman Marks 30 Years in Railroad Business

An RJ Corman train approaches the Cherry Street NW bridge in Massillon in 2016.

RJ Corman will mark 30 years in the railroad business this year and company executive credit its employees for the company’s success.

“I extend my thanks to the countless employees that have played a vital role in the success our railroad company has seen over the last thirty years,” said Corman Railroad Group President and CEO Ed Quinn in a statement. “Their hard work, dedication and commitment to safety have allowed us to excel as a company and be recognized as a premier shortline operator.”

Corman now operates 11 short-line railroads in nine states with 1,000 miles of track.

The company was founded by the late Richard J. Corman in January 1987 when he purchased a branch line serving Bardstown, Kentucky.

That August Corman bought a 100-mile line between Clarksville, Tennessee, and Bowling Green, Kentucky.

The largest Corman railroad holding today is a cluster of 243 miles of track in Pennsylvania.

Corman also operates the Tennessee Terminal Railroad, which interchanges with BNSF in Memphis, Tennessee.

The Central Kentucky Lines consist of nearly 150 miles of track running from Lexington to Louisville, serving 31 customers and interchanging with CSX and Norfolk Southern.

In 2016, Corman moved more than 60,000 railcars. It owns more than 100 locomotives and 475 railcars.

Required track inspections and maintenance are done by an in-house engineering department. Corman also employs a team of mechanics to maintain its locomotives.


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