CSX Seeking to End Pusher Locomotives

CSX is seeking to end pusher locomotive operation various accounts say.

Trains magazine said on its website that United Transportation Union Local 1162, which represents employees on the former Clinchfield Railroad in eastern Tennessee, reported the news on its Facebook page on July 14.

“Our office is being informed that the carrier has made the decision today to cut off all the pusher assignments on our property,” the union said.

Trains said it has learned that CSX is also attempting to remove pusher locomotives from the former Baltimore & Ohio mainline over Sand Patch grade in Pennsylvania.

The magazine reported that is learned from a CSX employee that pusher assignments in Brunswick, Maryland, have been abolished.

The efforts to end pusher service out of Hyndman and Connellsville did not work well, creating a traffic log jam. Those pusher assignments have reportedly been reinstated.

CSX also is reportedly seeking to end pusher operations on its Mountain Subdivision at Grafton, West Virginia.

Management has instructed crews to double the hill or borrow motive power from other trains to assist them.

In some instance, CSX has shortened train length, particularly on the former Chesapeake & Ohio lines in West Virginia and Virginia where unit coal trains are common.

Unit trains of 150 cars have been cut to 100 cars and three locomotives are being assigned to the head end rather than using two locomotives and a pusher on the rear in territories where grades are steep.

“As part of an ongoing comprehensive review of company operations, CSX continues to make changes across its network, including changes to operating rules, to improve safety, efficiency and service to customers,” CSX representative Rob Doolittle told Trains. “As these operational changes are made, CSX managers are communicating with employees and any other stakeholders who may be impacted to implement changes safely and effectively.”


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2 Responses to “CSX Seeking to End Pusher Locomotives”

  1. James L.Leasure Says:

    I guess they have figured that a coupler will only hod so much!!!

  2. Paul Woodring Says:

    Recipe for more broken knuckles.

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