No Timeline Set for Return to Hyndman

CSX officials said Thursday night it was uncertain how long it would be before residents of Hyndman, Pennsylvania, would be able to return to their homes.

Some 1,000 people were evacuated on Wednesday after an eastbound CSX manifest freight derailed and cars carrying propane and molten sulfur caught fire.

The fires were still blazing on Thursday night and railroad officials have said they were letting them burn out.

A CSX spokesman said that the railroad has started to remove some cars from the site, transporting them to rail yards to the north and south of where 32 cars derailed around 5 a.m. on Wednesday.

CSX has established community outreach centers at Tri-State Ministries Center and Bedford United Methodist Church. It has also made motel reservations for those displaced by the derailment.

One private home and a garage were damaged during the derailment and CSX spokesman Rob Doolittle the carrier will pay for the repair of both.

First responders are collecting donations for Hyndman firefighters, who have been on duty since the derailment occurred.

On Thursday evening, railroad officials said that its hazardous materials specialists assessed the damage from a safe distance Wednesday afternoon.

No Hyndman residents or railroad crew members were injured in the derailment.

Investigators from the National Transportation Safety Board have arrived at the scene about 100 miles southeast of Pittsburgh, but have been unable to examine the derailment site because of the fires.

At least one car containing liquefied petroleum gas and one containing molten sulfur were burning.

Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf said that a handful of people have refused to evacuate from near the derailment scene, but emergency responders know where they’re located.

Wolf said Thursday afternoon that the potential for a propane explosion has diminished, but it’s still possible.

Bedford County 911 coordinator Harry Corley said that everyone within a mile radius of the scene was ordered to leave.

Wolf said health officials are conducting air and ground studies to determine possible health effects.

The train, Q388, was traveling from Chicago to Selkirk, New York.

Amtrak has suspended operations of the Capitol Limited between Pittsburgh and Washington. Passengers for points between those two cities are being transported by bus. Nos. 29 and 30 are continuing to operate between Chicago and Pittsburgh.

Hyndman is a town of just over 800 residents near the Maryland border.


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  1. tylerjs40 Says:

    Trains were rerouted on the new castle sub

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