Ky. Town Wants CSX to Halt During Eclipse

A Kentucky city has asked CSX not to move any trains through town during the heart of the Great American Eclipse that will occur on Aug. 21.

Although the railroad is considering the request it appears likely that it will be business as usual that day, which means that trains may or may not run through Hopkinsville, Kentucky, during the three hour window during which the moon will be passing in front of the sun over the United States.

The eclipse will begin in Oregon and end in South Carolina, but the point of greatest eclipse will be toward the middle of the nation.

Hopkinsville is located in the region that will receive the greatest eclipse and the city in western Kentucky expects more than 100,000 people to come watch it in a city that is home to 32,000.

That will create traffic and the city’s motivation in asking CSX to halt its trains during the eclipse is to minimize traffic congestion.

The former Louisville & Nashville line through Hopkinsville is part of the CSX Chicago-Southeast route.

Hopkinsville has asked CSX “to potentially delay the train schedule during the 2 minutes and 40 seconds of totality and immediately prior to and after, to ensure a more direct connection with nature for our guests.” That was reference to the fact that locomotives have bright headlights and trains make noise.

In response, CSX spokesman Rob Dooolittle said that because freight trains do not operate on precise schedules it is difficult to predict how many trains might pass through Hopkinsville during the eclipse. “Our plan is to conduct normal train operations,” Doolittle said.

In Hopkinsville, totality will begin at 1:24:41 p.m. Central Daylight Time and end at 1:26:51 p.m.


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