Variety on the Wheeling & Lake Erie


As anyone who has ever photographed the Wheeling & Lake Erie for any length of time knows, you never know what motive power will be on the next W&LE train that you see.

W&LE has a standard livery of black and orange with its name in speed lettering, but it also stables a fleet of locomotives it has acquired from various places and those units tend to spend a lot of time in service with whatever look they came with before being painted into the standard W&LE locomotive livery.

Such was the case with this train coming into Spencer on the Hartland Subdivision. It will drop off a few cars in the yard that are headed for Medina and then get back on its train and continue the journey to Brewster.

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One Response to “Variety on the Wheeling & Lake Erie”

  1. tylerjs40 Says:

    Falls Junction is getting a new community park next to the tracks now. The park is still getting built right now. In most places on WLE, you don’t know what you are going to get except few spots. 2 of them are at Falls Junction, and near Akron sometimes, At Falls Junction you have the LTEX 2519 in Santa Fe paint and 2 GP38s
    For Wheeling, you get High Hoods. But every once in a while you will get a SD40-3.

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