The Cleveland Commercial Power Fleet

On recent beautiful but chilly Sunday, I was in Glenwillow and joked with my friends about seeing a Santa Fe locomotive.

Huh! Santa Fe? Yep, we were seeing it right. Anyway it made for some good conversation as to why it may be here and I’m sure there is a logical reason.

I am no photographer by any means but I did take a few photos of the Santa Fe unit along with the other two locomotives that were parked there.

I know the photos were taken through some trees but I tried to capture the numbers and writing on engines without drawing too much attention or trespassing on railroad property as there were other curious people out and about walking and watching us and the engines.

Oh well, just thought I would share a happy moment with you. In my travels I find many people really enjoy seeing or watching a passing train, especially one with a bright cool paint scheme.

Photographs by Gary Laurenzi

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