CN Details Service Improvement Plans

In response to a U.S. Surface Transportation Board request for information from North American Class 1 railroads about their service plans for the remainder of the year, Canadian National has said that it is adding crews and motive power. That along with capacity expansion projects should help it improve service.

CN was the first railroad to respond to the STB’s call for information.

The Montreal-based carrier is leasing 130 locomotives and has 60 new GE locomotives scheduled for delivery this year

It also plans to hire 2,000 people this year, including 400 new conductors who are already on the job.

“We have taken immediate action across our network to relieve our congestion, particularly in our busy Chicago to Winnipeg corridor,” said interim CEO Jean-Jacques Ruest in a letter to the Board.

Ruest said CN was caught off guard when traffic surged by 20 percent in western Canada, leading to congestion and crew shortages.

CN said its primary challenge in moving automobile traffic is receiving empties back from other railroads through the industry pool,

Ruest said CN has taken steps to improve cycle times in Michigan and to more quickly return bad-order cars to service.

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