Pennsylvania Funding 27 Rail Projects

The Pennsylvania State Transportation Commission this week announced funding of 27 freight-rail improvement projects.

The projects will receive $32 million through the Rail Transportation Assistance Program and the Rail Freight Assistance Program.

Among the projects approved were:

 R. J. Corman Railroad Group, to rehabilitate 36 miles of track including rail, ties, ballast, and track surfacing on the Clearfield Cluster’s Cherry Tree, Cresson, and Wallaceton subdivisions, $4.2 million.

• Norfolk Southern, to realign track in Middletown to provide greater clearances for freight trains and reduce track curvature, $3.9 million.

• Shell Chemical Appalachia to construct 10 miles of track from Aliquippa to Monaca to transport construction materials for Shell’s plant and outbound product from the completed plant, $3.8 million.

• Allegheny Valley Railroad, to rehabilitate 10 miles of the P&W subdivision from Bakerstown to Glenwood Yard, including replacing continuous welded rail and surfacing track, $2.9 million.

• Wheeling & Lake Erie, to rehabilitate 18 railroad bridges on the Pittsburgh and Rook subdivisions, including structural and bridge deck, $2.3 million.

• Buffalo Pittsburgh Railroad, to rehabilitate 20 miles of track between Brookville and Falls Creek, facilitating continued freight-rail service to Brookville Equipment Corp., $2.1 million.

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