What was THAT Doing There?

I had photographed a Norfolk Southern intermodal train taking the connection in Bellevue from the Fostoria District to go east on the Sandusky District toward Columbus.

As soon as it cleared I started to walk across a grade crossing when I noticed a train waiting for a signal on the New Haven connection.

The lone locomotive on the point of the L11 was a GP38-2, a high-hood GP38-2.

It caught me by surprise because although high-hood locomotives used to be commonplace in Bellevue, I had not seen one there in more than a year.

I also though NS had sold off all or nearly all of those units during a garage sale that it held last year.

But there it was with its remote control apparatus on top of the short hood.

With the intermodal train out of the way the L11 got a signal to proceed west and rolled out of town carrying a trace of the past with it.

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