B&O Dome Car to Raise Money for N&W 611

A former Baltimore & Ohio dome car will be used to raise money for Norfolk & Western Class J No. 611.

The Virginia Museum of Transportation said that Moonlight Dome will operate on a series of Amtrak trains beginning April 28 and 29, including the Capitol Limited, which uses a former B&O route between Washington and Pittsburgh.

“These trips allow us to entertain our supporters and offer an excursion during the off-season while 611 is receiving maintenance,” said VMT Excursion Director Adam Auxier. “The return of Amtrak to Roanoke [Virginia] has been a huge blessing and the Moonlight Dome offers a spectacular way to experience the scenery.”

Passengers riding in the dome car will receive meal and beverage service.

Further information and ticket information is available at http://fireup611.org/excursions/

Moonlight Dome was built in 1948 for the Chesapeake & Ohio Railway for its stillborn Chessie premium passenger train.

The dome now owned by The Cincinnati Railway, which has renovated the car and given it new paint, fabrics, and other materials. The operating schedule for Moonlight Dome is:

• April 28-29, Washington, to Williamsburg, Virginia, with a long layover in Williamsburg.

• May 4-6, Washington to Savannah, Georgia.

• May 10-13, Washington to Roanoke/Roanoke to Washington.

• May 13, Washington to Pittsburgh.

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